Birthstones Chart by Month | Birthstones Chart by Zodiac

Since prehistoric time, man believed in unusual power of gemstones, therefore, he have endowed these gems by particular mystical properties.

Later, these unusual gemstones were described in the Bible and other ancient sources. Thus, the term “Birthstones” had appeared in our life. You can read a full article, concerning the History of Birthstones, following this link.

According to these sources, each of natal stones possesses the unique properties and is appropriate to particular month. Hence, the custom tells us, that a person, born under particular constellation or in a certain month, may strengthen his best qualities, by wearing an appropriating gemstone, as his birthstone.

Birthstone Chart by Month

January BirthstoneJanuary Birthstone

This Birthstone symbolizes “truth in love and friendship,” appreciation and gratitude. It is a gemstone of red color. Along with other red gems, the Garnet symbolized a gemstone, able to illuminate any space. Learn more

February BirthstoneFebruary Birthstone

This Birthstone has been called “Violet Pure,” therefore it has been described by the ancients as a symbol of purity. Moreover, the ancient authors claim that this birthstone could keep a sober and abstinent mind. Learn more

March BirthstoneMarch Birthstone

This Birthstone symbolizes such element as Aqua (marine). Due to that fact, our ancestors believed, that this gem could protect its wearer against the troubles at the sea. Its color due to the presence of chromium in it. Learn more

April BirthstoneApril Birthstone

This Birthstone is a symbol of engagement, therefore it signifies purity and straightness (hardness) of one’s purposes and intentions. The ancients called all the diamonds “Tears of the God.” Learn more

May BirthstoneMay Birthstone

This Birthstone was a first prototype of modern lenses. We can find in the ancient sources an acknowledgment, that the Emerald improves myopia. As a mascot, this gem protects against danger and misfortune. Learn more

June BirthstoneJune Birthstone

This birthstone is of natural origin. The locals of pre-Columbian America, have used this gemstone to decorate their temples. After, Pearls became fashionable, and well-to-do became to use it as a jewel. Learn more

July BirthstoneJuly Birthstone

This Birthstone considered a remedy against poisons, evil thoughts and wicked spirit. Moreover, the ancients have endowed the Ruby with the possibility to keep a clear mind and to protect one’s health of its wearer. Learn more

August BirthstoneAugust Birthstone

This Birthstone is capable to supervise its wearer; it is reported, that the Peridot could change its color, when its owner in danger. It is mentioned, set in a ring of Hermes. Its variety Olivine, is of celestial origin. Learn more

September BirthstoneSeptember Birthstone

It is considered, that this Birthstone protects its wearer against evil and impure thoughts and, moreover, against poison. Also has been stated that the Sapphire is a strong remedy against fevers. Learn more

October BirthstoneOctober Birthstone

This Birthstone symbolizes faith and charity. Tourmaline possesses unique physical properties, being able to attract small objects, that aroused an interest for the scientists. Learn more

November BirthstoneNovember Birthstone

It has been stated, that this Birthstone symbolizes a strong remedy against asthmatic diseases and protection of melancholy. The influence of the Topaz depends on the phases of the moon, as well. Learn more

December BirthstoneDecember Birthstone

This Birthstone symbolized the Sky and the Water for the ancients, due to its color. Turquoise signifies also paramount of health and success. It cures poor eyesight and protects its wearer against any danger. Learn more 

Birthstone Chart by Zodiac

Aries SignAries Birthstone

Aries personalities are ruled by Neptune, Mars, Uranus & Sun. Their element is fire. They are live in activity, and making effort to be a leader. Their Birthstone is a Diamond. Learn more

Taurus SignTaurus Birthstone

Taurus is a symbol of Earth. Taurus personalities are ruled by Saturn, Venus and Moon. They are independent, unique, possesses by noble nature. Their Birthstone is an Emerald. Learn more

Gemini SignGemini Birthstone

Gemini personalities are ruled principally by Mercury, but they feel an influence of Jupiter and Uranus. They love to keep anyone at distance and and expose all doubt. Their Birthstones are Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone. Learn more

Cancer SignCancer Birthstone

Cancer is ruled principally by the Moon, but feels the influence of Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Cancer personalities are straight, callous and insensitive, however, they are careful and affectionate in relation to the beloved. Their Birthstone is Ruby. Learn more

Leo SignLeo Birthstone

Leo is ruled by the Sun, with the influence of the Earth. The qualities, appropriate to Leo Personalities are: vital force, authority and power. Fire is a principal symbol of Leo Personalities. Desire and self-realization are particular qualities of Leo Personalities.Their Birthstone is a Peridot. Learn more

Virgo SignVirgo Birthstone

Virgo is influenced by Uranus, Mercury & Venus. Virgo Personalities possess ability to prevent diseases. They prefer to use the natural products in their life, and to wear clothes of natural origin. Their Birthstone is a Sapphire. Learn more

Libra SignLibra Birthstone

Libra is principally ruled by Venus, but it is also influenced by Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune. Charm and beauty are the main qualities, that are characterized Libra Personalities. Their Birthstones are Tourmaline and Opal. Learn more

Scorpio SignScorpio Birthstone

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, but feels the influence of the asteroids. It is the strongest sign of the Zodiac. It is a masculine sign. Scorpio Personalities are sexual and possess intuition. Their Birthstones are Topaz & Citrine. Learn more

Sagittarius SignSagittarius Birthstone

Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn. Honesty and candor are the main qualities of Sagittarius personalities. They prefer freedom and independence. Their Birthstones are Turquoise, Tanzanite and Zircon. Learn more

Capricorn SignCapricorn Birthstone

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Mars. This sign of Zodiac symbolizes a power in love. Leadership, ambitiousness and tenderness are the principal qualities of Capricorn Personalities. Their Birthstone is a Garnet. Learn more

Aquarius SignAquarius Birthstone

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius Personalities are born warriors. Their Birthstone is an Amethyst. Learn more

Pisces SignPisces Birthstone

Pisces are ruled by the Moon and feel the influence of Jupiter & Neptune. They can find the proper balance between body and soul. Flexibility, empathy and self-denial are properties appropriate to Pisces. Their Birthstones are Aquamarine & Bloodstone. Read more 

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