Birthstones by Month

There are several charts representing the Birthstones according to their month. The most known of them are the US and the UK chart, dated 2013. However, the first official birthstone chart has been accepted in 1912 on the jewelry council, which has been assembled to discuss this term.

There is also Medieval chart, which we could meet in the ancient sources, and also Hindu Birthstone Chart, which is most famous in Oriental countries.

Zodiacal chart of Birthstones is presented in special section Birthstones by Zodiac.

Here is the most actual chart of Birthstones, presented below:

Modern Birthstones Chart by Month

January Birthstone January — Garnet

February Birthstone February — Amethyst

March Birthstone March — Aquamarine & Bloodstone

April Birthstone April — Diamond

May Birthstone May — Emerald

June Birthstone June — Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone

July Birthstone Jule — Ruby

August Birthstone August — Peridot

September Birthstone September — Sapphire

October Birthstone October — Tourmaline & Opal

November Birthstone November — Topaz & Citrine

December Birthstone December — Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite


June 23, 2018

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