October Birthstone

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What is October Birthstone? — There are two Birthstones for October, according to different customs and traditions. But the most modern of them, including U.S. 2013 and even U.S. 1912, tell us that the Birthstones for October are Tourmaline & Opal. Although, Medieval records add to this list Aquamarine and Hindu authors prefer the Coral.

Thus, we’ll describe the Tourmaline as the primary birthstone for October, assuming that it is appropriate to most of birthstone charts.

Here is a brief guide to October Birthstone represented below:

October Birthstone Name

October Birthstone - Tourmaline

The name “Tourmaline” derived from ancient Ceylonese word “turmoil.” But we must not confuse the word “turmoil” with another Ceylonese word “turamali,” because the second one was applied by natives to another mineral, known as a Zircon.

Brief history of October Birthstone

First tourmalines were supplied to Europe in 1703, according to ancient and modern sources. Later, in 1820, two students-mineralogists Elijah L. Hamlin and Ezekiel Holmes, discovered tourmaline mines on Mount Mica near Paris, Maine. This event aroused a rapid surge of interest in Tourmaline, and, shortly afterwards, this gemstone came in vogue. Subsequently, the tourmaline deposits were also discovered in California and New York.

Nonetheless, the major sources of Tourmaline still remain Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, and the Ural Mountains in Russia.

However, no less interesting the story of discovering of unique physical properties of Tourmaline. The story says, that two children played in Holland with the specimens of Tourmaline, which were supplied here for cutting. During their game, the children mentioned that the crystals of tourmaline, being heated in the sun, were attracted ash, dust, small pieces of paper and even straws.

The children were impressed by their discovery of “magic properties” of these distinguished crystals, therefore, came to the parents to boast. The parents couldn’t explain these mystical properties of the crystals of the Tourmaline, therefore, called them as “aschentreckers.” By the way, this term was applied to the tourmaline for a long time after this occasion. But, thanks to this incident, the unique magnetic properties of Tourmaline were discovered.

October Birthstone color

The crystals of Tourmaline represent a full rainbow of colors, starting with colorful varieties and ending with black tourmaline called “Schorl.”

Usually, is observed red, green, blue and pink shades of Tourmaline, however, there are very rich shades of this gemstone, such as these crystals represent internal shades of red and external of green or watermelon tourmaline crystals with their similarity with corresponding fruit.

There are such varieties as: Rubellite, Indicolite, indigo blue tourmaline, Aphrizite, and much much more.

The correlations of October Birthstone

The Tourmaline has correlated to Libra Birthstone

October Birthstone and Flower

Before make a gift, containing the tourmaline jewelry you have to be aware of the fact, that there is also a birth flower appropriate for October. The birth flower of October is a Calendula. On this basis, such a great idea to combine the October Birthstone together with October Birth Flower into one splendid gift intended to your darling or beloved.

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June 23, 2018

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