Birthstones by Zodiac

Knowledge concerning the Zodiac is the most ancient wisdom acquired by man. However, the information about the Zodiac Signs appeared before the appearance of the term “Birthstones.” Birthstones chart by Month presented in this section.

Nonetheless, for the personalities, born under a certain sign of the Zodiac, it is useful to know their Birthstones. Therefore, a modern chart, concerning Birthstones by Zodiac is presented below:

Birthstones by Zodiac

Aries SignAries Birthstone Diamond
Aries — Diamond


Taurus SignTaurus Birthstone Emerald
Taurus — Emerald


Gemini SignGemini Birthstone Pearl
Gemini — a Pearl


Cancer SignCancer Birthstone Ruby
Cancer — Ruby


Leo SignLeo Birthstone Peridot
Leo — Peridot


Virgo SignVirgo Birthstone Sapphire
Virgo — Sapphire


Libra SignLibra Birthstone Tourmaline
Libra — Tourmaline


Scorpio SignScorpio Birthstone Topaz
Scorpio — Topaz


Sagittarius SignSagittarius Birthstone Turquoise
Sagittarius — Turquoise


Capricorn SignCapricorn Birthstone Garnet
Capricorn — Garnet


Aquarius SignAquarius Birthstone Amethyst
Aquarius — Amethyst


Pisces SignPisces Birthstone Aquamarine
Pisces — Aquamarine

June 23, 2018

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