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As we have previously described in the article about Amethyst gemstone, Julius Wodiska attributed the Amethyst to the constellation of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, nonetheless, the modern sources described the Amethyst as the Birthstone for Aquarius.

Aquarius Birthstone & Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality

Aquarius Birthstone - Amethyst

First of all, we ought to define the Aquarius Sign Dates to compare the properties of the Aquarius Birthstone to its Zodiac Sign, here they are: between 20’th of January and 18’th of February.

Based on the fact that, the Amethyst is the Birthstone for February, we ought to appropriate all the personal qualities to all the personalities born in February, although these qualities could be appropriated to other persons, which birth date starting with 20’th January and ends at 31’th of January. But, even so, all further description may be more applicable to personalities, born in February.


February Birthstone is the Amethyst
February Zodiac Sign is (mostly) the Aquarius
February Birth Flower is a Violet

All of these qualities are appropriate for people, born in February.

Who are the Aquarius Personalities comparing with their gemstone Amethyst

They are people, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, hence these people are very strong (as the soldiers) from the other hand, and they are sentimental from the other one, according to their horoscope.

We cloud trace the similarity between such stone as February Birthstone Amethyst and (mostly) February Zodiac Sign Aquarius.

We could find a lot in common between two of these symbols of February, among which there are the power and the indulgence. Therefore the Amethyst is not such hard as a Diamond (according to Mohs scale it is 7/10), but is is still a warrior (a soldier) among all the stones in its rule to be the first, nonetheless it is still a stone which keeps your mind out of intoxication, that means “pure” or “clear” mind, which could be “lenient” or “indulgent.”

The leading characteristics, described the Aquarius personalities, according to the Horoscope:

– Clever
– Humanitarian
– Strong

thus, these words combine the strength of the warrior (or a soldier) together with the intelligence of a sage.

From the other hand, the description of the February Birthstone, represented by Julius Wodiska (borrowed from the ancient sources), has illustrated to us the same properties of the Garnet Gemstone. Therefore, we can trace the similarity between the horoscope personality and the February birthstone properties.

What are the sources, could we use to demonstrate the magical properties of the Amethyst as the Aquarius Birthstone?

Julius Wodiska is one of the famous mineralogists of XX century, in his treatise “A Book of Precious Stones,” written in 1909 he described the influence of the Amethyst for the those persons, born in February.

Especially for women, he mentioned that «the signet ring of Cleopatra was inlaid with an amethyst. This stone had an engraving of Mithras, a Persian deity, the symbol of the Divine Idea, Source of Light and Life on it. »

It is also commented that «the ring of Edward the Confessor was decorated with the Aquamarine Birthstone, adorns the British crown. » This Amethyst, as said, was used as a prophylactic against contagious diseases.

June 23, 2018

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