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We know now, that the Diamond is a birthstone for April, furthermore, this precious stone is appropriate to these, who born under the Aries Zodiac Sign, and, therefore inherits a full power of this legendary stone.

Aries Birthstone & Aries Zodiac Sign Personality

Aries Birthstone - Diamond

For a start, we have to determine the Aries Sign Dates, in order for us to be easier to draw an analogy between the specifications of Aries Birthstone and Aries Zodiac Sign. Thus we have the dates between March 21 and April 19.

In consideration of that the Diamond is the birthstone for April, we have to adapt all the personal characteristics to all the personalities, born in April, though these characteristics could be appropriated to other people, whom birthday starts with March 21 and ends at March 31. Nevertheless, all the characteristics described below are more applicable to people, born in April.


April birthstone is a Diamond
April Zodiac Sign is (in our case) the Aries
April Birth Flower is (furthermore) a Daisy

All the properties described above are appropriate for the personalities, born in April.

Who are the Aries Personalities?

People, born in April are ruled by Neptune, Uranus, Mars & Sun. Due to so big influence of 3 planets and 1 star, the personalities of April are pretty much different, nonetheless there are a lot of similarities in their nature.

Aries is a first sign of the Zodiac. Their element is fire (including shine & brilliancy). Its main role is activity. Its main property is perseverance. Thus, for the personalities born under the Aries Zodiac Sign, it is characterized by being a leader, therefore the properties describing the Aries are: sense of purpose, persistence, leadership & authority.

Let’s compare the properties of Aries Personalities with the Aries Birthstone

We can observe a strong connection between the Aries Zodiac Sign and its stone, based on the fact that the Diamond is the hardest stone, while Aries personality described as perseverance. This means that both Aries personality and Aries birthstone are resisting any onslaughts.

Also, we can remember that the diamond was chosen as the gemstone, that is appropriate to an engagement ring, because of its opportunity to connect and protect the people, that’s why we can observe the same merits, describing Aries Personality as a leader, who also connecting the people and patronizes them.

To the fore a full compliance between Aries Birthstone in the form of the Diamond and Aries Personality.

What are the sources, proved us the accordance between the Aries Birthstone and Aries Zodiac Sign?

We have mentioned already Louis Dieulafait with his book “Diamond and Precious Stones,” written in 1874, where we can find a confirmation of the facts, represented above.

Actually, basing our reasoning and arguments on the legends and myths, we can’t affirm that our data is completely correct, nonetheless, the genuine connection between the Diamond, which represents April Birthstone, and Aries, that represents a Zodiac Sign for people born in April, is pretty obvious (according to my opinion).

I don’t think anyone will argue, that such distinguished stone as the Diamond is appropriate to any female, nonetheless the ancient and modern sources denotes the connection between this precious stone and its Zodiac Sign.

June 23, 2018

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