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Gemini Birthstone & Zodiac Sign | Gemini Personalities and their Birthstone | Sources

There are three stones appropriate to Gemini Zodiac Sign, they are: Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone. We described in details all the fundamental features of a Pearl as a birthstone appropriate for people born in June, therefore, we’ll compare the features of the Pearls and Gemini Zodiac Personality, despite the fact that Alexandrite and Moonstone also appropriate for people born under the sign of Gemini.

First of all, let’s learn who are Gemini?

Gemini Birthstone & Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Birthstone - A Pearl

We have to define firstly, the dates of Gemini Zodiac Sign to compare the June Birthstone together with Gemini Sign. Let’s, first of all, establish that the period between May 21 and June 20 appropriate to Gemini Zodiac Sign.

Based on the fact that a Pearl is a main birthstone for June (established by US custom, since 1912), we’ll attribute all the particular features of this gemstone to personalities born in June, nonetheless all these features could be attributed people born in the period between May 21 and May 31. But, even so, I’d rather to attribute all of these features for people born in June. Yet, Alexandrite and Moonstone as the Birthstones for June should be examined more closely due to comparison with Gemini personalities.

But, in the context of, let’s assume that:

June Birthstone is the Pearls
June Zodiac Sign is (In our case) Gemini
June Birth Flower is a Rose

and all the features described below are appropriate for people born in June.

Who are Gemini personalities and how can we compare them to Gemini Birthstone?

Gemini personalities are ruled by Mercury (mostly), Jupiter and Uranus. There is a belief that Gemini, derived to us from Latin “geminus” means “double” or “twins,” were two sons of Zeus. The symbol of Gemini illustrates to us the two brothers embraced each other.

It is a known fact (according to medieval treatises of Astrology) that Gemini woman is pretty fascinating, but love to keep anyone at a distance, before she check it, worm whence a myth about the unapproachable character of Gemini.

Nonetheless, we could confirm this fact by representing an information, described the Pearls as the Birthstone for Gemini. Our proof lies in the medieval custom attributing for no married lady to wear pearl jewelry, that symbolized an innocent and unapproachable person.

What are the sources, that could prove us in our assumption of appropriateness between Gemini Personalities and Gemini birthstone?

George F. Kunz, published his treatise “The Book of the Pearl” in 1908, helps us with our assumption. In his distinguished book he described the various periods of pearl fashion.

The author detailed described the medieval period, when pearl fashion was in a trend. In these days, the custom to wear pearl jewelry was commonly spread, moreover, it was existed a law, so called “A sumptuary law of Ulm” binding no married ladies to wear pearls. Another law established in 1411, obliged young ladies to wear “one pearl chaplet” not exceed half ounce in weight.

Probably it is only one detail connected Gemini woman with Gemini Birthstone, however it can be confirmed.

June 23, 2018

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