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Leo Birthstone & Zodiac Sign | Leo Personalities & their Birthstone | Sources

We’ve learned already, that the Peridot is the birthstone for August, furthermore it also suits to the personalities born under Leo Zodiac Sign.

Do You want to acquire more information about the Leo Birthstone? Then, please read additional description, which is represented below.

Leo Birthstone & Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Birthstone - Peridot

First of all, let’s define the dates, appropriate to Leo Zodiac Sign. Subsequently, it would help us to distinguish the period of dates, which could be applied to Leo Birthstone. The interval between July 23d and August 22 is representing Leo.

Due to the fact that, the Peridot is representing the birthstone for August, let’s distinguish the period of dates between August 1st and August 22 and apply it to the August Birthstone, thus we could review all of the peculiar properties of the Peridot and compare them with the personal characteristics of the Leo Personalities. Although, all of these properties and features would also suitable for people born in the period of date between July 23d and July 31st.

Thus, let’s agree that:

August Birthstone is the Peridot
August Zodiac Sign (in our case) is Leo
August Birth Flower, furthermore, is a Gladiolus

and all of these peculiar features are appropriate to the personalities born in August.

Who are Leo Personalities and how could we compare their peculiar features together with the properties of Leo Birthstone?

First of all, Leo is ruled by the Sun and feels the influence of the Earth, therefore, the stone attributed to Leo have to be soft as the Earth and to shine as the Sun. Fortunately the Peridot is exactly appropriate to this description, being the softest among all of the Birthstones and possessing of splendid brilliancy.

The main qualities, describing Leo are: authority, power and vital force. It is not surprising, due to the fact that Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo is a sign of generosity and of the proud feelings, associated with the desire for self-realization. It is a symbol of fire.

We could also refresh one’s memory, that the Peridot (more accurately the Chrysolite) was called by the ancients the “golden stone,” because of its yellow color. We also know that the yellow color is commonly associated with the Sun.

In the descriptions of the Leo Personalities and the Peridot we can find indirect proofs of our assumptions concerning the correspondence between the Leo Zodiac Sign and the Leo Birthstone. Thus, we could conclude that the Peridot is actually Leo Birthstone.

What are the sources proving us our assumptions concerning appropriateness between Leo Personalities and Leo Birthstone?

There are not so much evidence, of mentioning exactly the Peridot in the medieval sources, however, we can find information about this gemstone in the modern sources and the sources dated of XVII-XX centuries.

They are: “A Manual of Precious Stones and Antique Gems,” written by Hodder M. Westropp in 1874; “Antique Gems: Origin, Uses, and Value,” written by Charles William King in 1866 and “Gems and Precious Stones,” written by Henry G. Smith in 1896; “Gems and Gem Minerals,” written by Oliver Cummings Farrington in 1903, where we can find the evidence of the magical properties of Peridot and much much more.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting to mention that many authors, who described Chrysolite, have borrowed the information of its properties from the book “Lapidary or, The History of Pretious Stones,” written by Thomas Nicols in 1652. But the Chrysolite, described by him was actually Topaz, as he affirmed. We can quote him here: «The true Topaz of the ancients which commonly and vulgarly in former times has been taken for a Chrysolite… »

Why did I’ve mentioned this fact? Almost all of subsequent authors borrowed the description of magical properties attributed to the Chrysolite, and all of them made mistakes. Therefore, you should be careful when You read any information about your birthstone!

The information, provided in this article is not full and it doesn’t uncover the question in the highest degree, nonetheless, this information is correct and it is correlated to the ancient sources.

June 23, 2018

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