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Libra Birthstone & Sign of the Zodiac | Libra Personality and its Birthstone | Sources

We have mentioned already that there are two Birthstones suitable for October, moreover, these gemstones are exactly appropriate for personality born under the sign of Libra. Do you want to acquaint with interesting information in regards to Libra Birthstone? — Please, read the information provided below.

First of all, let’s define the dates for Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstone & Libra sign of the Zodiac

Libra Birthstone - Tourmaline

We can start with the definition of the calendar dates, that are appropriate for Libra Sign of the Zodiac, to compare it with Libra Birthstone. Taking into account that the dates between September 23d and October 22d are appropriate for Libra Sign, we can apply the same dates to Libra Birthstone.

However, basing on the fact, that the Tourmaline and Opal — the Birthstones for October, we have to attribute their particularities (for better comparison) for those people, who were born between 1st of October and 22d of October. Though, all particularities of these gemstones may also be applied to those personalities, who were born in the period of dates starting from September 23d and ending with September 30th.

Thus, let us agree that:

  • The Birthstones for October are Tourmaline and Opal, however, we prefer to describe the Tourmaline, in our case;
  • Libra, in our case, is the sign of the Zodiac, chiefly for personality born in October;
  • October Birth Flower (in addition) is a Calendula

and all of these particular features are appropriate for people born under the sign of Libra.

Who is Libra Personality and how could we compare its particular features with the properties of Libra Birthstone?

First of all, Libra is ruled by Venus, however, the personality born under the sign of Libra feels the influence of Jupiter, Neptune and even Mercury. The main particularities of Libra personality are charm and beauty and, furthermore, the desire to be loved and famous. The activity of Libra is not developed sufficiently, they need the partnership with friends and colleagues.

Marriage, partnership and the social contacts are necessary for Libra personality in a high degree, therefore Libra personality aspires to become an attorney, musician or artist.

There is a common delusion, that Libra personality is lazy, however, this is a mistaken assumption, due to the fact, that Libra comes into the active phase after 29th, when this sign of Zodiac engages in the cycle of Saturn.

Which may be common between Libra personality and its Birthstone?

We have mentioned already in the article about Tourmaline gemstone, that it is difficult to find any sources, describing any magical properties of Tourmaline, due to the fact, that this gemstone was known at different times under the different names, nonetheless, there are few facts in the history of Tourmaline, that capable to shed light on its peculiar features.

As we learned from an article describing Tourmaline, this gemstone possesses an opportunity to attract the (small) subjects, in other words, it possesses a natural magnetism. Libra Personalities possess the same feature, because they can’t exist without universal attention to their person. Additionally, they always seek for new friends and the social connections, moreover, they are stable in marriage and often connected spiritually just with one partner.

What are the sources that could help us to confirm our assumptions in regards to the existence of hidden connection between the Libra sign of the Zodiac and Libra Birthstone?

First of all, is worth noting such reliable source as a book, entitled “The Tourmaline,” written by A.C. Hamlin, M.D., and published in 1873. In his book, the author provides extended description of the history of Tourmaline, its significance in the jewelry world, and represents an information concerning the peculiar features of Tourmaline, known to us now as Libra Birthstone.

Secondly, we can also mention a famous book, written by George F. Kunz, entitled “The Curious Lore of Precious Stones,” published in 1938, which contains an information, concerning the customs, legends and myths in regards to gemstones. In addition, the author of this book provides the extended charts of gemstones, including the first Birthstone chart.

June 23, 2018

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