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Sagittarius Birthstone & Zodiac Sign | Sagittarius Personalities & their Birthstone | Sources

We know already that there are three gemstones appropriate for December. Turquoise, Tanzanite & Zircon are the Birthstones for December, furthermore, these gemstones are also corresponds to people, born under Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Do you want to acquire the extended information about Sagittarius Birthstone, please, read some useful info below.

Sagittarius Birthstone - Turquoise

Taking into account that the Turquoise possesses of rich history among all of the Birthstones appropriate to Sagittarius and additionally is described in many ancient sources, including astrological treatises, let’s dwell on this birthstone.

But, before, let’s define the dates for the Sagittarius Birthstone.

Sagittarius Birthstone & Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

First of all, let’s remember the exact dates, which are represented Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and, later, compare this sign with Turquoise. The interval between November 22d and December 21st is representing Scorpio.

Due to the facts that Turquoise (together with the Tanzanite & Zircon) is the Birthstone for December, we’ll review all of the peculiar features of the personalities born under Sagittarius Zodiac Sign in the period of dates between December 1st and December 21st, although all of the properties, appropriate to Turquoise and other Sagittarius Birthstones could be also suitable for people born between November 22d and November 30.

Therefore, let’s agree that:

December Birthstones are Turquoise, Tanzanite & Zircon, but the Turquoise is more appropriate in our case
December Zodiac Sign (in our case) is Turquoise
December Birth Flower, furthermore, is a Holly

and all of these peculiar features are appropriate for the personalities born in December.

Who are Sagittarius Personalities and how could we compare their peculiar features together with the properties of Sagittarius Birthstone?

First of all, Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn and feels the additional influence of Mars.

Sagittarius is a Sign of of honesty and candor; it is appreciated independence and freedom; apt to abstract thinking and supported by idealism. Such peculiar features as caution and frugality don’t play the main role in the life of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is merciless to enemies.

Let’s now define the similarities between Sagittarius and the particular properties attributed to the Turquoise, which is a birthstone representing December.

According to the ancient sources Sagittarius Birthstone is significant in astrology. It is associated with Saturn and symbolizes success and faithfulness. The treatises say that the Turquoise must be set in lead. According to the treatise, written in the XIII century by Albertus Magnus and in addition to the opinion of Arnoldus Saxo, the Turquoise cure poor eyesight and protected against unexpected accidents.

John Mandeville wrote in XIV century, that it gives to its wearer grace and boldness. Also, he asserted that the Turquoise provides an advantage in battles.

Additionally, there was a belief, that the Turquoise refreshes the heart and also changes its color, becoming dim and pale when its wearer is weak, but increase the saturation of its color, when its wearer recovers his health.

Thus, we can conclude, that the modern and ancient sources together define the Turquoise as the birthstone for the personalities born in December, being under Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, therefore the Turquoise is an indeed December Birthstone.

What are the sources proving us our assumptions concerning appropriateness between Sagittarius Personalities and Sagittarius Birthstone?

First of all, we ought to admit that the fundamental treatise devoted to the Turquoise was written in 1915 by Joseph E. Pogue. The author deeply explored all the questions concerning the Turquoise gemstone, its history, references, mythology, culture and philosophy in his book “The Turquoise: A Study of Its History, Mineralogy, Geology, Ethnology, Archaeology, Mythology, Folklore, and Technology.”

Secondly, we have to trace his reliable sources, one which is the “Sympathia Septem Metallorum ac Septern Selectorum Lapidum ad Planetes,” written in Latin in 1609 by Camillus Leonardi. Here we can find the confirmation of the fact that the Turquoise is ruled by Saturn and this gemstone is appropriate for people born under Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

I conclude, that this is more than enough to assert that the Turquoise is the Sagittarius Birthstone.

June 23, 2018

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