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We have been mentioned already, that the Emerald is a birthstone for May, nonetheless, this gemstone is surely appropriate for the personalities, born influenced by the Taurus Zodiac Sign, thus it is inheriting all the potential features of May Birthstone.

Taurus Birthstone & Taurus Zodiac Sign Personalities

Taurus Birthstone - Emerald

Foremost, let’s determine the Taurus Sign appropriate dates, to find a proper analogy of the Taurus Birthstone and Taurus Zodiac Sign. This way, we determine the dates between April 20 and May 20.

Due to the fact that we determine the Emerald as the birthstone for May, we have to appropriate all the features inherent in this precious stone to the personalities born in May, although all of these features could be appropriate for people born in the period of April 20 to April 30, nonetheless, all the features, described below are more applicable to people born in May, yet.

Thereby, we have:

May Birthstone is the Emerald
Whereas, it is commonly known that May Zodiac Sign is (in this case) the Taurus
Also, we supplement that May Birth Flower is a Lily of the Valley

So, let’s discuss…

Who are the Taurus Personalities?

Taurus Personalities aim to everyone their uniqueness, at the same time they are independent noble nature. They feel influence of 3 planets such as Venus, Saturn & Moon. On account of the influence of the Moon (being a satellite of Earth), this connection is characterized in exposure of extraneous influenza together with the attempts to impose their opinion to others.

This sign is symbolized purposeful and resolute personality, leading his power in the right direction. Being a symbol of earth, this sign innate engages in earthly affairs.

The main feature appropriate to this Zodiac Sign it to observe all of the problems under the gaze, in other words, it is appropriate to this Zodiac Sign to look at things objectively.

Could we compare the features of Taurus personalities in common with the features of May Birthstone?

Of course we can! We just have to remember, that such precious stone as Emerald was used to observe such a great event as gladiatorial combat, since the ancient times. In the other words, this precious stone was used to observe the subjects & objects under the steadfast gaze, from whence we can conclude that this gemstone was used to cure myopia inside the mind and heart, not excluding, of course a vision.

Thus, we can conclude, that obviously is traced the connection between the May Birthstone and Taurus personality!

What are the sources, confirmed our guesswork, concerning our assumption about the correlation between the May Birthstone & the personalities born under the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

Why not quote such a great source as “Precious Stones in Nature and Art, and Literature,” written by Sarah Maria Burnham and published in 1886?

We have been already mentioned a lot of sources of the greatest researchers of XVII-XX centuries, who confirmed our guesswork, thus we provide a correct information, at least relevant to the ancient sources.

Hence, in this book we can find the correct information about the use of the Emerald at the ancient times as a mascot an an amulet.

Either way, our findings are based on the reliable information, therefore (according to the ancient sources) they are completely correct!

June 23, 2018

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