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Virgo Birthstone & Zodiac Sign | Virgo Personalities & their Birthstone | Sources

We have already described that the Sapphire is the birthstone for September, additionally this gemstone is appropriate to personalities born under the Virgo Zodiac Sign.

First of all, let’s define what is Virgo Zodiac Sign.

Virgo Birthstone & Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Birthstone - Sapphire

Let’s start with Virgo Sign dates, first of all to compare Virgo Birthstone together with Virgo Zodiac Sign. Based on the fact that the dates between August 23d and September 22d are appropriate to Virgo Zodiac Sign we’ll determine the same dates to the Virgo Birthstone.

Nonetheless, taking into account that the Sapphire is the birthstone of September, we, all in all, have to attribute all the particular features of Sapphire to the personalities born between September 1st and September 22d, although all the properties and features of this distinguished gemstone could be also suitable for all people born in the period of dates starting with August 23’d and ends on August 31st.

Thus, let’s agree that:

September Birthstone is the Sapphire
September Zodiac Sign is (in our case) Virgo
September Birth Flower, additionally, is an Aster

and all of these particular features are suitable for people, born in September.

Now we have to determine, who are the Virgo.

Who are the Virgo Personalities and how could we compare their particular features together with the properties of Virgo Birthstone?

First of all, Virgo feels the influence of its ruler planets, which are mostly Mercury, and also Uranus & Venus. Additionally, all horoscope sources tell us that the main force of Virgo spiritually is an ability to prevent diseases, moreover the body of Virgo often rejects artificial medicinal preparations and meals. Virgo is a symbol of our Earth, therefore all the natural and made of the Earth is suitable to these personalities. Virgo prefers natural meal and materials (especial used to produce dress).

In other words, Virgo personalities prefer to purchase natural products and things and carefully study it before buy, at the same time Virgo woman is a “spender,” and can’t deny herself to purchase first class quality things, obtain skills in higher degree or acquire deepest knowledge of the true nature of the things, therefore her second credo is meticulousness.

In that case, where are the similarities?

We have mentioned already in the article, contained the information about Sapphire, that this gemstone, according to the Medieval Sources, was used as the remedy against poisons. This fact gives us a base to suppose that we found the conformity between one of the Virgo features and the property of Sapphire, because, as we mentioned above, the body of the personalities born under Virgo avoid the influence of infections and Virgo itself mentally and spiritually withstand to diseases.

Also, as we learned from the words of St. Jerome, Sapphire is not suitable for frivolous people, due to its features to avoid enemies and rid of enchantment captivity. But we see, also, based on our conclusions and horoscope descriptions, that Virgo Personalities are very meticulous and attentive to detail, that does not allow to mislead them. It is also indirect evidence of similarity between the properties of the Sapphire and particular features of Virgo personalities.

Therefore, we could conclude, that we found at less two points of correspondence between September Birthstone Sapphire and Virgo Birthstone.

What are the sources proving us our assumptions concerning appropriateness between Virgo Personalities & Virgo Birthstone?

First of all, we have to admit, that the treatises of St. Jerome are the most ancient and reliable sources, confirmed our assumptions concerning the main properties of the Sapphire.

Additionally, we used “A book of reference of jewelers,” written by W.R. Cattelle in 1903; “Diamonds and Precious Stones, a popular account of gems,” written by Louis Dieulafait, translated by Fanchon Sanford and published in 1874; “Gems and Gems Minerals,” written by Oliver Cummings, published in 1903, and many other sources to prepare all of the articles, concerning the information about the Sapphire.

June 23, 2018

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