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Genuine Yellow Diamond — is a fancy diamond, first discovered in XIX century on the Kimberly mine in South Africa. You shouldn’t take the Yellow Diamond for the ordinary Diamond that possesses yellow tint. The uniqueness of this diamond is exactly in its unusual color.


Tiffany's Yellow Diamond

The history of yellow diamond is very curious, because exactly this diamond gave a start to the prosperity of Tiffany & Co. This unique gemstone has been purchased by Charles Tiffany in 1878.

Initially, the rough crystal of yellow diamond was found in Kimberly mines in South Africa in 1877. The crystal of this diamond was indeed of immense size, it was an octahedron of 287.42 carats. Subsequently, this precious stone has been cut in Paris under the control of the famous mineralogist of that time George Frederick Kunz. He was an author of numerous books of gemology and the gemologist of Tiffany & Co, by the way.

Yellow Diamond after Cutting

After cutting, this Yellow Diamond has obtained a shape, known to us now as a diamond, mounted in the Tiffany’s “Bird on a Rock” Brooch. Under the control of Kunz, precious stone has been reduced in size into 128.54 carats, during the process of cutting. The new stone had a total of 80 facets, that exceed the usual 58 facets of any ordinary diamond, and resembled a shape of canary-yellow cushion, as well.

Yellow Diamond In the possession of Tiffany & Co

Charles Tiffany obtained a crystal of yellow diamond for the amount of $18,000, whereas, after cutting it was estimated in the amount of about $580,000 – $585,000.

3 types of setting were designed for the Tiffany’s yellow diamond. Thus, it has been mounted in necklace, brooch and bracelet. The design of all settings was developed by Jean Schlumberger in 1956, however, subsequently the design of the setting has been changed to known to us “Bird on a Rock” in 1995.

Famous wearers of the first Yellow Diamond

There were only two ladies in the world, which wore such remarkable yellow diamond. They were — Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, who wore it sets in a necklace and Audrey Hepburn, a famous actress, known as a hero of the cult movie of 1961 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” who wore the Tiffany’s yellow diamond, set in curling diamond ribbons, during the photo session.

Subsequent destiny of the famous Yellow Diamond

Subsequently, the Tiffany’s Yellow Diamond has been exhibited at the several exhibitions of XX century, including the anniversary of De Beers in 1971. Today, the first yellow diamond, known to the humanity, adorns the one of the Tiffany’s stores, located at 5th Avenue in New York.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds


Genuine yellow diamonds are rare, however, sold in the stores. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the yellow diamonds are the most common amongst other fancy diamonds, thus each of you could become a wearer of an exclusive yellow diamond, that possesses such rich history.

However, each buyer has to learn, that only the genuine jeweler could distinguish the genuine yellow diamond from the inferior diamond of yellow tint. The best way to purchase a genuine fancy yellow diamond, is to request a GIA certificate from the seller. The price of yellow diamond depends on the saturation of its color.

Photo Credit: Fancy Diamonds (CC BY 2.0)

June 23, 2018

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