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The Name “Blood Stone” is derived from Greek words signifying “sun turning,” due to the belief that this gemstone, when plunged in water could change the reflection of the Sun to blood-red. Pliny states that this gemstone can reflect the Sun and predicts the solar eclipse. This gemstone was also known to our ancestors under the name “Heliotrope.”

Consistence & Distinctive Features

Bloodstone Necklace

Chemically, Bloodstone is the green variety of Quartz, but it has been classified as plasma and is considered a green variety of Chalcedony or Jasper.

Bloodstone is famous thanks to the presence of red drops on its surface, that are similar to the drops of blood, from whence its modern name. Moreover, it is considered that exactly these drops of blood appeared at the crucifixion of Christ, thus too many legends relatively the origin of this gem have appeared. Although, the red spots on its surface indeed are oxide of iron.

Ancient Usage of Bloodstone

In ancient Egypt, the Bloodstone has been used as a material for production of small vases, statues and cups. One big specimen of Bloodstone was used to create a bust of Jesus Christ, thus the red spots on its surface shined as true drops of blood.

Healing & Magical properties attributed to Bloodstone

In the Middle Ages, the Bloodstone was used to cure dyspepsia, and also as a remedy against tumors. The powder, made of Bloodstone has been mixed with the honey and used orally. However, this gemstone was also used for its intended purpose to stop the flow of blood.

There was also a magical significance of Bloodstone. It is considered that this gem was able to turn its wearer invisible, if he’ll drink a juice, containing of it. Moreover, the ancient oracles have used Bloodstone to “produce rain.”

Also during the Byzantine and Renaissance periods, this gemstone was used as an amulet. The evidence of that fact is confirmed by many intaglios (signet rings), which were found during the excavations and contained a Bloodstone inside them.

Mines of Bloodstone

This mineral is mined principally in India, Australia, Brazil and also in Russia (in Siberia). In India it is obtained from the Kathiawar Peninsula, west of Cambay. It is also mined in Europe, principally in Scotland.

Bloodstone as the Birthstone

Bloodstone is included in modern charts as an alternative Birthstone for March. As the Birthstone, it symbolizes wisdom and courage, according to Julius Wodiska and other authors.

June 23, 2018

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